Support Us

We feel truly humbled and uplifted by all the messages we are receiving from our friends and followers asking “How can I help?” Since the beginning, the entire production process of this film project has been a super collaborative one. We want to welcome anyone who wishes to be involved in the theatrical release stage of the film. Here are some suggestions on how you can help us: 


Become a Champion
Share the news about the Vimeo VOD release of Landfill Harmonic with your contacts and social media.


Gift our film
Give our film to a friend or loved one. Now available for streaming and digital download . DVDs and Bluray disc available soon through Amazon.


Sponsor our Curriculum Guide
The curriculum guide of our film will complement educational screenings and provide teachers with lessons for secondary students in several disciplines, including language arts, social studies, and music. The guide will be developed by To sponsor or make a donation towards the curriculum please email us:


Support the Orchestra
Support the Orchestra music school project by making a donation through Go Campaign. Please visit


Donate Instruments
The Recycled Orchestra of Cateura and the Landfill Harmonic team have partnered with Instruments Beyond Borders to receive instrument donations and instrument parts. To learn more please visit


If you would like to help us in any other way, please contact us to explore other possibilities at